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And then there were three...!


Dave and Rob are husbands and are just wonderful guys! A few years back, I was working with Hennepin Tech photography students and I had one student that I was working with and we took photos of Dave and Rob who had plans of adopting and would use these photos for their adoption profile.

I was on a social media detox just because we all need a break every once in a while. I happened to be at dinner with one of their good friends and he said "how beautiful is Dave and Rob's new daughter?!" I was like "WHAT?! OMG! EXCITING!" The downfall of NOT being on social media. I was so excited for them but also like wow I remember taking their photos for their adoption profile. How time flies and so much can happen!

Well....literally the next day, Dave messaged me the to see if I would be willing to take their photos and of course, I said YES! I went out to their house and then we went to a near by park where they had actually done their engagement photos 10 years ago. *try not to cry.

It was very special to see these Dave and Rob have so much love for their daughter and the love their daughter has for them. They are both so lucky and in love it was beautiful to watch. I wanted to cry throughout the session because in a time of such division and turbulence, it was just a beautiful moment. I am so happy that they have each other. I am grateful that I was able to capture the beginning of their lives together and look forward to watching them grow together as a family!

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