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It was suppose to be just a regular photo session...until he put a ring on it!

I met Anna at the Target near me because lets be honest...I live five minutes away from one and I am there probably more than I should be an falling into the "Target curse," of going in for a few things and coming out with a cart full.

Anna is an employee at Target and I would always end up going through her checkout lane and over the course of time, we would always briefly chat as she was ringing all of my impulsive buying items up.

Anna asked what I do for work and I told her that I have a full time day job but that I am also a photographer and she said that her boyfriend Caleb were in need of professional photos together.

Caleb is from out of state and they met through a mutual friend and had only been dating about three months prior to this shoot. She said it seems quick but she just knew when she met him that he was the one (ugh. love it).

I was communicating with Anna and Caleb about the logistics of the photo session and Caleb reached out to me separately with a propose! I was so excited because I LOVE capturing these types of moments and I always feel so grateful when someone trust and asks me to capture these particular moments.

So Caleb and I just continued to stage it like we were going along with Anna's plan of just a regular session.

Well we went to the cued spot and the....

UH my heart! So sweet and she was totally surprised!

Thank you Anna and Caleb for having me capture your special moment!

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