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Kiel and Ali FALL-ing in love

Ali and Kiel were engaged last fall and was there to capture the moment!

Ali and Kiel had been dating for quite some time. They met at at a restaurant bar where Ali was out with a few of a her girlfriends and Kiel was a bouncer there at the time. They had an instant connection.

One of Kiel's best friends Jon reached out to me via a referral from his brother who I'd known and told me how he was helping his best friend coordinate the proposal.

How we set it up....

Kiel told Ali that they were going to double date with Jon and his new girlfriend and that they were going to meet for dinner and a show and they were meeting at the Jon's girlfriends place.

Well Ali and Kiel arrived and Jon told them that she was finishing getting ready but to go ahead and enjoy a few drinks on the apartment rooftop patio. So the came out on the rooftop and I was already sitting out there "working on stuff," having my camera hidden and waiting for the que. It was funny at one point because Kiel couldn't get the ring box out of his chest pocket and he glanced at me and I gave him the expression of "I don't know you right now!" hahaha! He then popped the question! We took a few more celebrity pictures and they went off into a limo to celebrate.

So at this moment, Jon is still single (so ladies if you're interested) he didn't actually have a girlfriend that was used to play up the surprise proposal.

The next stop....

Which Ali had no idea was to head to the engagement party which was at the restaurant bar where they first met. All of their close friends and family were there to celebrate!

Ok be prepared for tears...

Not only was Ali in for a surprise but Kiel was as well....

Kiels mother who had been battling cancer and resides in Chicago made the surprise trip to see her son and attend their engagement party. Ali's mom who was in on the plan had hired me to come out and capture those moments as well. Not a dry eye in the house!

Congratulations again to Kiel and Ali!

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