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Jeff & Jesse have been together for awhile. Jesse contacted me mid January and asked if I would be interested in going in on a surprise proposal for Jeff. I was so excited because couples, proposals, and engagements are one of my favorites photograph, there is just something about that moment that only happens once so getting to capture it is just amazing, so of course I said yes!

I asked Jesse if he had a preferred location and he choose the Stone Arch Bridge area in Minneapolis. It's January in Minnesota so of course it was going to be cold but Jesse wanted to do a winter photo shoot and wanted to it shortly before their cruise they were going on.

Next we had to plan how this was going to work so Jeff wouldn't have any idea. Jesse is a really good planner and already had the most simplest plan in mind. Jesse and Jeff had done photos with me before and so Jesse told Jeff that they were going to do winter photos with me as the last ones we had taken, were done in the summer. Jeff was onboard having no idea!

We started off doing just a normal photo session, I had them do a few poses and then the my cue from Jesse was were were going to reenact a previous pose we had done before but they were going to switch places, and right when Jeff turned around, Jesse went down on one knee and popped the question and Jeff said yes! It was so excited and also so cold but totally worth it!

Congratulations again boys! <3 XO

Instagram: @jl_fessler & @jaredfesslerphotography

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