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Here are some photo session suggestion and tips! 


  • Be on time. I schedule sessions back to back, so it is imperative to be on time, so we don't fall behind schedule. Having outfits, props, etc. Being prepared a few hours or even the night before the photo session will alleviate rush. This is not only your time, but also mine, especially when I have multiple sessions in one day. We both want to make the most efficient use of our time. 

  • Not everyone likes getting their photo taken and some get forced into the session. I completely understand that. Please let those individuals know and keep in mind that this photo session could be a gift or memory made for a family member, friend, etc. That would be appreciated in the moment and down the road. I move quickly and appreciate cooperation. We want to make the most effective use of our time. 

  • For kids four and under, please schedule the session right after nap time.



If you wear glasses normally but won't be wearing them for photos, please bring them with you. I will show you the images throughout the session on my camera. 



  • I would recommend, when scheduling your outdoor session, looking ahead at the weather to look at days and times that would work best.



  • Outdoor photography is my favorite. It is advisable to photograph in the morning or during golden hour.


  • I have studio spaces in NE Minneapolis that I can reserve for additional costs.



  • Keep clothing simple and consistent. Wearing solids is more preferred than patterns.

  • Color preferences are neutrals and earthtones. 

  • For family photos, coordinate your outfits from head to toe. 

  • Wearing darker colors will look slimmer and formal. 

  • Wear fitted not loose clothing.

  • Wear closed-toed shoes.

  • Avoid wearing clothes with brand names printed on them.

  • Wearing light colors looks appropriate against light backgrounds for a more natural look.

  • Make sure your glasses are anti-glare. 

  • For photos, consider not wearing shaded lenses or not wearing glasses.

  • Feel free to add accessories such as scarves, jewelry, etc. 


  • Outdoor sessions can be windy. It is recommended to have hair products on hand should you need reinforcement during the sessions.

  • Have a mirror handy to look at yourself before the session.

  • Keep makeup to a minimum. We want the naturalest look. 



  • Please schedule photo sessions after a nap. 

  • For newborns, having a warm area or heating pad will keep the baby calm during photos.


  • Schedule your photo session when you are seven to eight months into your pregnancy when you have a full belly. 


  • Feel free to bring any props and accessories that will add a personal touch to your photos.


  • Please send me the wedding day itinerary including the time and location of everything happening. I would like this a few days before the big day.

  • A list of all your family and friends' combinations, so we don't miss anyone. I would like this a few days before the big day.

  • A list of items or moments I wouldn't normally take, such as honoring a late loved one.

  • Communicate with your guests on the time and location of where they need to be so we do not miss and have to search for anyone. 

  • I would like the cell number of the personal attendant, best man, or the most reliable contact who will be with the couple. This is with an accessible phone. This is  just in case I need to get a hold of the couple or they need to get a hold of me.

  • Let me know of any photo restrictions before hand if there are any. (i.e. no photos allowed in a certain part of a building or during a part of the ceremony).


Any medical or disability related information that you would like to share with Jared Fessler Photography to make your session experience more effective. Disclosure is voluntary. The information will be kept confidential and will not harm or disadvantage the participant. The information will be used only according to the law. 

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